Terms Of Service

§1 Validity and definitions
This end user License Agreement (hereafter »Terms Of Service«) is a legal agreement between you, or, if you represent a legal entity, that legal entity (hereafter »you«) and this Website and its services (hereafter »DTS«), and is applicable to the voicechat service provided.
The Terms Of Service is applicable to all channels, users, files and all related services ("bots") of the DTS.
The website and its services are reachable at wvw.claimkreis.de, and are part of the DTS.
Any violation of the TOS may lead to sanctions by the staff members.

§2 DTS-Team
The provider and staff members of the DTS are marked as "Serveradmin" and "Claimkreis Team".
It is forbidden to impersonate team members or falsly claim to be part of the DTS team.

§3 User obligation
You are responsible to take notice and accept the Terms of service and its code of conduct.
The DTS is a platform provided for a community experience playing the MMO "GuildWars2". Every other usage is prohibited.
Staff members are allowed to give instructions that must be followed.

§3.1 Code of conduct
Personal attacks, flaming, trolling and baiting are prohibited. This includes any form of racism, sexism or violation of privacy.
Your behaviour towards others must not be hostile, threatening, defaming, bawdy, insinuating, profane, racist, hating, rushy, violate his/her privacy or contain publication against the law (see §6).
It is prohibited to link or redirect to any content violating this code of conduct.
This limitation is applicable to sound and images like avatars, nicknames and emojicons, text messages, verbal communication, channel names, topics and descriptions, quitmessages as well as client descriptions.
You choose a nickname with a recognition value (no "TeamSpeakUser"). Emojicons can be used in nicknames, however using more than one is technically restricted.
All raids and activities must not be disrupted by your behaviour.
Provoking, nobbling or challenging someone to act against this code of conduct is prohibited and will be sanctioned.

§3.2 Content
Publishing or linking any king pornographic or racist material is prohibited.
DTS is a non commercial platform and forbids any kind of transactions and advertisement.
Advertising your GuildWars2 guild is allowed using the your guildchannel (this still does not allow any commercial advertising).
While using any service at the DTS none of your action may violate applicable law.

§3.3 Playback and microphone
The playback of disturbing noises e.g. whistle, white noise, cellphones, must be avoided.
You are NOT allowed to playback music using any kind of soft-/hardware.

§4 Teamspeak permissions
The permissions at the DTS allow you to subscribe, enter and use voice channels.
Exploiting the permission system is prohibited. If you experience such exploits inform a staff member.
There is no claim using any channel, servergroup or another function of the DTS.

§4.1 Extended permissions
If you have been granted extended permissions you are able to apply/revoke servergroups, move other users and/or edit specific channels.
You may only use those permissions with the agreement of your target (user, channel authority).

§4.2 Special permissions
The DTS offers you a "commander" service. Using this service grants you temporary special permissions allowing you to temporary mute other users.
Muting other users shall only happen to stop disturbing noises (see §3.3) or other incidents affecting the raid (see §3.1).
Being a "commander" you shall inform the staff if the raid was affected by another user.
The DTS offers you a "eventservice". This service offers 3rd party push notifications and custom channels at the DTS.
This "eventservice" may only be used for "world vs world" raids in GuildWars2.
Every other usage (e.g. meetings) of the eventservice is staff-only and must be arranged with a member of the staff.

§5 Limitation
You may only use an offical and unmodified client for the voicechat software "TeamSpeak3".

§6 Recording
Using the offical TeamSpeak3 client for communicating with other users for a non-commercial purpose is allowed.
Any (other) kind of recording, publishing or sharing recordings is prohibited and may lead to a denial of the DTS services.
This also includes the interdiction to publish using streaming providers e.g. Twitch or Youtube.

§7 Recording events
You may ask the DTS staff for an exception to §6. An exception is defined for a specific channel and time.
With the acceptance and with the presence of a member of the DTS staff and visible notes an event may be recorded.

§8 Using bots and scripts
The automation of any active/passive activities using soft- or hardware e.g. bots and scripts is prohibited.

§9 Registration
The DTS makes use of the API of GuildWars2 and requires a valid game account.
During the registration your TeamSpeak3 identity will be linked to your GuildWars2 game account.
You shall register the game account your TeamSpeak3 identity impersontes (e.g. nickname, character name).

§10 Warranty
There is no claim or warranty using any service of the DTS. All contents belong to the provider of the DTS.
The provider reserves his right to deny the usage of some or all feature of the DTS services without any justification.
A violation against the Terms Of Service may be sanctioned by the judgement of the provider.
Limitation of liability for internal content
The content of our website has been compiled with meticulous care and to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot assume any liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness or accuracy of any of the pages.
Pursuant to section 7, para. 1 of the TMG (Telemediengesetz – Tele Media Act by German law), we as service providers are liable for our own content on these pages in accordance with general laws. However, pursuant to sections 8 to 10 of the TMG, we as service providers are not under obligation to monitor external information provided or stored on our website. Once we have become aware of a specific infringement of the law, we will immediately remove the content in question. Any liability concerning this matter can only be assumed from the point in time at which the infringement becomes known to us.
Limitation of liability for external links
Our website contains links to the websites of third parties („external links“). As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided. At the point in time when the links were placed, no infringements of the law were recognisable to us. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us, we will immediately remove the link in question.
The content and works published on this website are governed by the copyright laws of Germany. Any duplication, processing, distribution or any form of utilisation beyond the scope of copyright law shall require the prior written consent of the author or authors in question.
Data protection
A visit to our website can result in the storage on our server of information about the access (date, time, page accessed). This does not represent any analysis of personal data (e.g., name, address or e-mail address). If personal data are collected, this only occurs – to the extent possible – with the prior consent of the user of the website. Any forwarding of the data to third parties without the express consent of the user shall not take place.
We would like to expressly point out that the transmission of data via the Internet (e.g., by e-mail) can offer security vulnerabilities. It is therefore impossible to safeguard the data completely against access by third parties. We cannot assume any liability for damages arising as a result of such security vulnerabilities.
The use by third parties of all published contact details for the purpose of advertising is expressly excluded. We reserve the right to take legal steps in the case of the unsolicited sending of advertising information; e.g., by means of spam mail.
This disclaimer is part of the website wVw.claimkreis.de